Hi Everyone,
What a year!  Please hug your child from me and tell them how proud I am of them.  This will be a time we all never forget.  As much as I wish things could be different, I have to look at the optimistic side of things and know that this WILL make our students stronger, more adaptable to things we can't control and grow their character.  I will miss them so much and I wish you all a fabulous summer!

Student Belongings
IF families are allowed to pick and drop off items next week or in the summer months, I have stored ALL of your child's materials including journals, writer's notebooks, headphones, etc. from their cubbies in their locker.  Please do NOT ENTER the classroom.  Everything that they had in the classroom is now in their lockers.  Anything not picked up will be unfortunately thrown away so please make sure to check your emails for when picking up/distribution is. I have collected their library books if they were in their cubbies and I will return them.  They will be making a plan for library books at home and instruments.  Stay tuned.

Good Bye!

We want to wish Koca's family a happy and safe return back to their home in Serbia.  We loved having you at Burns Park this year!  Good luck and keep in touch!

Summer Learning Opportunities: 2020
Clever Links  www.clever.com (Sign in with Google)
Khan Academy
Learning A-Z
My Access
Typing Club
Xtra Math

Access to Lexia and Dreambox throughout the summer 
  1. Click on Customer Resources
  2. Click on Families
  3. Click on LexiaCore5 Reading
  4. Look under Extend the Learning
  • Finish EDM Math Journal 2 
  • Dreambox (Clever) 
  • Khan Academy (Clever)
  • Xtra Math (Clever)

Summer Reading List
Take aim at the "Summer Slide" and get your students excited about reading with these titles picked specifically for kids at the fifth-grade reading level.

Epic Free - Your Epic account only goes through June.  Sign up here to have a free limited account for longer.  Here's the link explaining what to do. https://www.getepic.com/learn/introducing-epic-free/

Mystery Doug (free after you sign-up the first time)

Michigan Department of Natural Resources Family Home Page
Continue your learning about Michigan’s environment. This page has lots of great info about our home state. It includes activities, videos, and virtual field trips.

Michigan Invasive Species Homepage
Keep an eye on what invasive species are found in Michigan. Do some more research on the other invasive species. Click on the left side tab “Species Profiles & Reporting Information”. If you travel around Michigan this summer be on the lookout!

Human Body Exploration by Kids Health
Continue to study and learn about how your body works to keep it safe and healthy!

National Wildlife Foundation
June 2020 | Great Outdoors Month
Following the CDC recommendations for your state, celebrate #GreatOutdoorsMonth. Start the month off on June 6, #NationalTrailsDay, celebrating the benefits of federal, state, and local trails. The second Saturday in June is #NationalGetOutdoorsDay, where many state’s national forests waive entry fees.

Did you know that June 5, 2020, was World Environment Day?  
This year’s theme was Biodiversity - it’s time #ForNature. Check out ways to connect at World Environment Day.

Did you know that June 8, 2020, was World Ocean’s Day?  
Together we can protect the planet. World Oceans Day unites and rallies the world to protect and restore our shared ocean. The Conservation Action Focus is on the protection of 30% of the Earth's land and ocean by the year 2030. Learn more at #WorldOceansDay.

From the Environmental Ed Dept.

Environment/Garden Fun!
10 Garden Activities for Kids!

Virtual Project Recycle Workshop from the Ecology Center! 
Students can learn about our waste system, and how it changes when we introduce environmentally-friendly alternatives, like reducing, reusing, and recycling. Students will learn about recycling and the recycling system through:
- interactive questions with multiple choice and voice responses
- a card game that models natural resources and how they relate to our waste system
- a video of the Materials Recovery Facility
- a draw-on-the-screen sorting activity
Click on the link below to explore!
Social Studies:
Time For Kids

Shephard’s Software (cross-curricular)

Ben’s Guide to the U.S. Government

History for Kids (more informational reading)

Scholastic at Home (cross-curricular) 

Camp PBS LearningMedia

Whether you're looking for music and dance activities, science experiments, family-friendly adventures, or learning about dinosaurs (plus more!), you will find media and activity resources in the Camp PBS LearningMedia collection. We’ve gathered fun, exploratory resources for you to use as you plan summer fun. This collection of resources leverages fun, educational activities to include in your daily schedule, as well as resources to help seed ideas for introducing topics to your campers. Happy exploring!

Avoid the "summer slide" and keep the spirit of curiosity alive with these informal, anytime learning resources in the Summer Learning collection.

This is a bittersweet end to the wildest year on record.  I will miss you all so much.  Keep in touch and have a great summer!

Homework/Events Calendar