General Classroom Information

My email address is:  You can also reach me by calling the school at 734-994-1919 if you need to speak with me.  If you have a message for me for the day, please email me before 8:30 a.m.

Please notify the office if you require something urgent as I am focusing on teaching during the day and am not able to always check my email. If you plan to take your child out of school for appointments, please try and do this outside of school hours if possible.  Please hesitate from scheduling appointments on test dates.  Unfortunately, it is really difficult to catch students up if they miss, however, I do understand if something out of your control comes up.  All important dates will be listed on the blog calendar and posted on blog posts.

Your child will be receiving a Burns Park home folder.  This folder will contain information from the school, teachers, homework, and other various information.  Please look for information as it will come home every day.  If you could please take the "Keep Home" paperwork out of your child's folder every day or at least once a week, it will help to keep the folder organized.  Please have your child return completed homework, field trip forms, notes, etc.

When your student needs to miss a day of school we ask that you either call the office (734-994-1919) or email us at  Please remember to include your child's first & last name, his/her teacher name, and a short explanation.  We are required to report illnesses to the state so details about the illness are helpful.  Please let me know as well before school starts because I take attendance from the classroom.

Your child's passwords will be taped inside of their Burns Park Folder.  You will see Everyday Math student login and password information, Reading A to Z, and other apps we use. The Scholastic Book Order classroom code is also located inside your child's folder.  If you would like to place an order, I do online orders only. Please view that page on this blog for more information.  Also, your child's clever badge will be located in their folder too and so will their Google email passwords.

Students should bring to school a pencil box or pouch with at least three sharpened pencils every day and pencil sharpener.  Students should have at least 2 correcting pens for math instruction.  Scissors and tape are also helpful for students to have for small group projects.  I will provide scissors and tape if needed too. A pencil sharpener is extremely helpful to have in class though I will have one available for students.  I have community pencils, crayons, markers, tape, staplers, rulers, glue available for students.

Students may bring a snack to eat.  Everyone is encouraged to bring in either fruits or vegetables for the school year.  It is mandatory for the first two weeks.  I promote a healthy eating environment for learning and strictly follow the AAPS district wellness policy and Burns Park's Elementary School policy.  After the two weeks, other healthy snacks like whole grains, proteins, and dairy are allowed.  Please refrain from sending in chips, cookies, or other unhealthy options.  I strongly encourage healthy eating practice for students.  Thank you for your support.  This classroom will be a NO NUT (OF ANY KIND) CLASSROOM.  Please do not send nuts of any kind in the classroom due to students with food allergies.  Thank you.

Students may bring in water bottles.  We have a new water filtration system right outside our door!  Please refrain from sending in sports drinks or juice or other drinks other than water.  Thanks!

Birthday Treats: 
Students love celebrating their birthdays with their classmates.  Due to food allergies, non-food treats will only be allowed.  Families may choose to send a non-food item for each student, such as stickers or pencils.  Please plan for 24 students when preparing for birthdays.  Whole fruit popsicles will be considered but please communicate that first with me.


There will be a few celebrations offered this year.  Room parents will sometimes ask parents to sign up to bring something in for the class. Parents of students with food allergies will be contacted to ensure student(s) are included to participate in the celebration.

Thank you for your support!

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