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March is Reading Month!

Hi Everyone, We had an early release day this week and two snow days! March is Reading Month Kick-Off! We are kicking off our assembly on Monday.  Our theme will be revealed to students at the assembly at 1:30 pm.!  We’re excited the Pioneer Comedy Troupe will be joining us to perform improv theater. We are going to host a one-day Used Book Giveaway! this year in lieu of the book fair.  This will be on Thursday, March 19. Tables will be set up on the second floor back hallway. Parent volunteers will keep the tables full of books for students to choose from. Each student may choose one book to keep. Ms. Rubin will be starting a brand new Fairy Tale unit with the students on Monday to also kick the month off for March is Reading month! We will read aloud, read with our buddies and also end March is Reading Month with an all-school read-a-thon on March 27! Writing Most students wrapped up their notes this week and received their outlines for their research paper.  If a

Early Release Tuesday!

Hi Everyone, We had a great week of learning!  We have been busy with starting a new unit in Math, researching our writing topic ideas, and reading non-fiction text.  Students are doing reading assessments with me too.  When they are done with that, I will be conferring with each student to let them know how they did with the NWEA in math and reading.  We will discuss and set goals for furthering their progress. Recess Reminder  I am noticing that students need to be dressing more properly for winter.  Please remind students to bring gloves, proper clothing/coats, and a hat for recess.   It looks like it is going to be sunny and warm up a bit this weekend and then get cold again next week.    Thank you for your support! Update on our Traditional Literature Unit! Our mock trials will take place on: Monday, March 23 - Cinderella vs. Evil Stepmother and Evil Stepsisters (1:45 p.m.- 2:45 p.m.)  Wednesday, March 25 - Three Little Pigs vs. The Wolf (10:30 a.m - 11:30 a.m

Feeling the Love! Happy Valentine's Day!

Hi Everyone, We SURVIVED!  Okay, okay, so it wasn't that cold out for winter survival but it was a perfect 35-degree day.  It was incredibly wet though so it was hard to start our fires.  However, students had an excellent time finding kindling, making fires, cooking over our fires, and eating yummy food.  What a great day of teamwork and fun! Check out the class photos to see our winter adventure! KLEENEX NEEDED - PLEASSSSSE! ACHOOOO!  If you haven't heard already, the flu and cold have been rampant in the last few weeks and still hitting us hard especially in the classroom.  We are completely out of Kleenex.  PLEASE consider sending in some.  We are desperate need of some!  Thank you for your support! Healthy Heart Field Trip Program at St. Joe's  Tuesday- March 3rd A.M. - PARENTS NEEDED!  This program begins with a cardiologist narrating a video of an open-heart surgery and answering student questions. Students then go through several hands-on stations wher

Groundhog Day 2020: Punxsutawney Phil Predicts An Early Spring!

Hi Everyone, Students are starting to feel better it appears and most of our class is back.  We had a bit of a rough stretch but things are looking better!  We hope everyone will be healthy and ready to "survive" on Monday for Winter Survival. Ms. Rubin has been co-teaching with me and assuming more responsibilities in the class.  She is building rapport with students and helping with one on one and small group support.  Ms. Rubin is getting ready to lead teach in March and is very excited about it!  More details to come on her unit of study for reading. Writing Students were taught this week how to write a thesis statement and write burning questions to research.  They can review a video example for how to write a thesis statement on the Curriculum & Student Resources page.  Students will work on answering their burning questions for their topics for the next couple of weeks.  I am checking out lots of books from the district library to help children with the

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