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Ready, Set, Go!

Hi Everyone, It is that time of the year when we start getting excited about school!  I am excited to be teaching fifth grade this year.  Fifth grade is such a fantastic year and students will be preparing for a middle school transition all year.  Our learning community will be a great place to grow this year!  Please explore this website and check back every Friday for updated posts! I'm so excited to see my new students and get started with active learning.  The fifth-grade team has some wonderful things planned for the year so get ready! Here are some helpful tips for what students will need  every day  for a successful day of school: Backpack Pencil Box with student name 2 sharpened pencils 1 small pencil sharpener 2 correcting ink pens (please use colors that are bright and easy to see when correcting and erasable pens are preferred) Reusable water bottle Please only send in fruits and veggies for snacks all year.  PLEASE REFRAIN FROM sending in sugary snacks,

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