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Gobble Gobble!

Hi Everyone, Happy Friday!  We have a great week full of learning and fun!  We had a special assembly with the Toledo Opera. Students got to see Hansel and Gretel!  It was a great performance written by Englebert Humperdink. Report Cards Report cards are coming home on Tuesday.  If you have any questions, please let me know.  This report card is for Term 1.  Everything will be reassessed for Term 2.  So make note that the numbers can change based on what I assess in the classroom during each term period.  PLEASE RETURN THE ENVELOPES  on the following Monday after the break.  I will be reusing them for each report card term. Writing Students have wrapped up their Personal Narratives in writing but they aren't done yet!  This weekend there is homework for students AND parents!   You will be helping your child with a parent check for your child's narrative writing piece.  They are now ready for their "Parent Check."  Please check your child's wr

Where did the fall go?

Hi Everyone! Who would have thought that we would have had a snow day in November?  The kids loved the snow this week.  Fifth graders went sledding at lunch on Magic Mountain and had a blast.  Please continue to send your child in with all the snow gear including snow pants.  When there is snow, they can go sledding on certain days. Today, fourth and fifth graders were able to enjoy the Tappan Band at a special assembly today.  It was great to see such talented students and hear great music! Writing Students worked hard this week to write their final draft on paper for the final revising and editing process.  Most students are now finished with their final draft but there are a few that still need to finish.  This is due on Monday.  Please check in with your child to make sure they are done by Monday as we will start the self-check, buddy check and then the parent check next week.  The parent check requires using the checklist provided to your child to make sure your child has

Brrrrr....It's getting cold!

Hi Everyone, Happy Friday!  I hope you are braving the cold weather.  We got a little snow yesterday and I already saw some mini snowpeople being built on our school grounds! :0) Please send your child with a coat, gloves/mittens, hat on those super cold days.  My policy in terms of safety is that children should wear jackets in weather below 50 degrees but if it is in the 30s or low 40s it is a must! :0) We had a shorter week due to election day and a change in our clocks so hopefully, we are adjusted and ready for a full week of learning next week. Report Cards Report Cards are coming home on Tuesday, November 26.  We reuse the report card envelopes for all three report cards so PLEASE RETURN THEM.  Thanks! Writing Students are working on their personal narratives!  We will be working on publishing our first draft starting next week.  The self-assessment was completed this week.  We will then write on draft paper focusing on revisions and edits.  Students will then

November Cornucopia!

Happy Friday Everyone! What a week and a short one at that.  We unexpectedly had a day off on Monday.  It was a beautiful day to spend outside.  Students wrapped up a math unit as well.  We also finished up our biography genre study.  Check out the class photos page for all the great pics from the week. Halloween Fun! We had a super fun Halloween party and parade.  The kids had great costumes. THANK YOU to all of our parents for helping with our Halloween Party yesterday.  It was such a great party and the kids loved their mad scientist stations.  A special thanks to Jenn Monk Reising for planning such a cool theme! Picture Retakes Next Friday, November 8 are picture retakes.  If you want your child to retake their picture, this is the day to do it. Brrr,   It's   Cold In Here ! REMINDER: The weather is getting colder by the day so please encourage your child to dress for recess appropriately. They should come with a warm jacket to go outside.  Even though we al

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