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Spring has Sprung!

Hi Everyone, I hope you had a great week and enjoyed celebrating Earth Day 2020.  There is a rich history with the spark of caring for our planet that took off in a more organized and purposeful way.  Check out the info. One positive thing about this pandemic is that our earth is getting a break from fossil fuel output. . Daily Assignments and Check-Ins It looks like we are underway and most of my students have settled into the district online learning plan using the Google Classroom Platform for fifth grade. I will continue to: Google Meet with students on Mondays at 11:00 a.m. for our class meeting (invite went out today to students) Answer emails in a timely manner Provide support to families the best way I can throughout the week Offer daily learning opportunities in Google Classroom with a daily positive message Have a Friday Check for Understanding document - I will be providing feedback to them as they come in and my goal is to ha

Distant Learning Continues

Hi Everyone, I hope you all had a great week.  I'm hoping you have settled into our new routine and things are going as smoothly as they can.  This has been a learning curve so please remain patient.  We are all in this together.   Students received their first "Check for Understanding" assignment through Google Classroom today.  I will take a look and give them a completion grade.  They will receive feedback from me as needed.  As a reminder, parents can not log on to Google Classroom and see the assignments.  You have to log on to your child's account directly to see it.  There is just no feature to allow you to view the daily assignments.  You will receive updates on assignments to let you know if students did the ones on Fridays or not.   Another reminder is that Monday through Thursday your child will get assignments for each day that they should be generally able to do independently.  At the end of the week on Fridays, they will get a "Check for U

Continuity of Learning Plan

Hi Everyone, I hope you are doing well!  Thank you to those of you on the front lines serving our communities.  I am thinking of you and sending all the positivity in the world to you.  To my students, I miss you a ton.  Sending an air five and a virtual hug! :0) Keep the pictures coming!  I have posted pics sent to me this week on the class photos page to showcase students doing fun things.  Please continue to send me 3-5 pics every week and I will post them.  I'm hoping to get pics from everyone!   There is a lot of information this week to digest as we ramp up a little more with the Continuity of Learning Plan (CLP).  This blog post will hopefully give you a comprehensive understanding of what to anticipate. Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions. Remember that the most important thing to focus on is that I am here for all of you and I will do my best to help you.  Please be patient with me as this is a learning curve for us all.  I care deeply abo

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