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Happy Halloween! Boo!

Hello Everyone! We are getting excited for  H a l l o w e e n !  We are having a science-themed Halloween party this year! The students will be doing 4 spooky experiments so we'll need lots of parent help. PLEASE!  FOR THE LOVE OF MAD SCIENTISTS!  WE NEED MORE PARENTS TO SIGN UP TO HELP BRING THINGS FOR OUR PARTY and HELP OUT DURING THE EVENT. REMEMBER THIS IS YOUR CHILD'S LAST YEAR AT BURNS PARK.  PLEASE HELP TO MAKE THIS A SPECIAL EVENT FOR THE KIDS IN ROOM 301. :0) Sign up here! As a reminder, we will be partaking in a regular day of learning until the afternoon. We will start our Halloween festivities in the afternoon. If you would like to help your child or others put their costumes together, please arrive at 2:45 p.m.  The parade starts at 3:15 p.m.  The entire student body will walk around the neighborhood.  Feel free to join us! If you have any question please email Jenn Monk-Reising at jmonkreis

Leaves are a changing!

Hi Everyone, We had a great week!  Reading groups are going well and students are writing more details from the lessons in their personal narrative study.  Rotations are also going well and there are so many great experiences students get to participate in.  Students with their first-grade buddies  helped harvest kale, chard, and tomatoes for our farm to school tasting on Monday too.  Lastly, we got to see amazing Mexican Dancers and their beautiful costumes  from the Morelense Center for the Arts from Morelos, Mexico  today for an assembly!    Math We are working on multiple multiplication strategies for solving multidigit multiplication problems. Some students do not have their multiplication tables down and need to practice. Since we are doing higher-level multiplication and will move into division soon it is imperative that students practice.  It is very important that your child is practicing daily if they don't know their math facts.  I will be testing students


Hi Everyone, Our learning community is in full swing!  In addition to all the learning we are doing, we found some time to offer kindergarten students a tour of our school garden (check out the pics on the class photos page) and we enjoyed some time with our school first-grade buddies! Data Binders Data Binders are coming home today for students to share with their parents.  You will see academic and behavior goals that your child sets for themselves every week.  You will also see their Unit 1 test and how they graphed it.  This helps students track how they are doing and it gives them the motivation to pass these tests.  Please send their data binder back on MONDAY!  Students need their data binders on Monday to set their goals for the week.  We will be setting reading goals next!  PLEASE make sure they COME BACK and leave everything in the binder.  Thanks! Curriculum and Student Resources Page If you haven't yet explored the Curriculum and Student Resources page, pl


Hi Everyone, We had a great week of learning! I feel very lucky to have such a great group of students!  They are motivated learners and just an all-around blast to be around.  They are learning quite a bit as things ramp up and we are still having fun too. Parent-Teacher Conferences I am still hoping to meet with parents for conferences so if you haven't signed up yet for the times available, please do so ASAP.  I am eager to hear your thoughts and have an open dialogue about your child's learning. I will be holding one session in the evening and this will be the common parent-teacher conference night for Burns Park.  I will also hold some during the school day.  If you can make those times, please sign up.  If you absolutely can't make those times, I will offer you a session to meet with me at Argus Farm Stop on Packard Rd. or at school during the day.  Thank you for understanding and your support. Parent-Teacher Conference Sign Up Writing Students are rea

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