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Happy Holidays!

Hi Everyone, We are in the home stretch.  Just one week until the big holiday break.  Students have been working hard!  Please remind them of behavior expectations for the last week.  Read all the way through so you can find out more about our last day before the break.  Also, Share Day is on Monday for music!  NWEA Mark your calendars!  Students will be taking the winter NWEA assessments on Friday, January 17 and Monday, January 27.  Please refrain from taking students out on those testing dates.  If they are sick, we will find another time for them to make it up.  Otherwise, it is difficult to find time to make it up if a student is not sick.  Thank you for your support! Reading We will wrap up our Non-Fiction Informational Text Genre Study next week!  Students have been doing a scavenger hunt looking for text features and discussing how they are important when we read.  Students will be working on book recommendations too! Writing Students have wrapped up their

Welcome Back!

Hi Everyone, I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving break.  I enjoyed my time off and spent most of it with friends, family, and furry animals! Students settled back in and they are counting down the weeks until the big holiday break. Mix it Up On Tuesday, December 10 students will be mixing it up for lunch.  Just as we did last year, students will receive different colored wristbands before lunch. The goal is to get students sitting with as many new friends as possible. Each table in the cafeteria will have colored tablecloths and kids will sit in the cafeteria by matching their wristbands to tablecloth colors. Kids still will sit by grade level but will mix it up within their grades based on colors rather than pre-existing friendships. There will be conversation starters at each of the tables. Writing Students are wrapping up their personal narratives. Students have finished typing their final drafts and I am conferring with individual students on their published p

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