Warmer Weather Coming Soon!

Hi Everyone,
I hope you had a nice week.  It looks like the weather is warming up and next week looks beautiful.  As the weather warms up, please remember there will be assignments still given every day so carving out time and holding students accountable for the work is strongly encouraged! :0)


Thank you to all of you for this amazing surprise!  I am touched and super excited to relax this weekend with all of these goodies.  I seriously have the best class.  I miss you all so much! 

I'm excited to start a new persuasive essay unit with the fifth-grade students.  It will look differently, of course, than what I would do in the classroom but I am providing lessons each day for the next two weeks with check-in assignments on Fridays.  I hope students will find them informative.  Students have the option to write a persuasive essay and submit them too if they are inclined to do so.  They will have questions to answer on the check for understanding assignments based on the lessons and my persuasive essay.  I think they will find my topic very controversial!  Don't blame me if they start trying to persuade you for things. ;0) 

Look for an email from Mr. Hatt about Advanced Placement for next year. I will be adding all of the EM Unit 8 Math Homelinks on Google Classroom next week for extra practice.

Resources and Clever
There are lots of resources still available for students to do in case students are seemingly finished with their work for the day. They can check out previous blog posts, the Curriculum & Student Resources Page, and Clever. I am able to see who is logging on to Clever. I can also see what apps your child has accessed, when, and for how long. Please encourage them to use apps like Lexia, Dreambox, and others to track progress. These are adaptive apps that work to their skill level.

Moms Rule the World
I forgot to mention HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all the moms last weekend!  You are all amazing women who especially in this time deserve a medal of honor! Love to you and yours.

Enjoy the spring rain and have a great weekend!  

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